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Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones. The message can comprise words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. Unlike voice calls, Text Messages could be delivered with 100% accuracy even in an intricate situation. The features like cost-effectiveness, message delivery confirmation, data receivable even during mobile are switched have made SMS service very rampant in our daily life.

SMS Inquiry – When the subscriber types KEYWORD and send SMS to 31007, the subscriber will be replied back immediately.

E.g.: E-PRIMA to 31007 will reply to the school/college details, services, and contact details belonging to that keyword. A school/college can hold any number of keywords according to their need.

Sub-Keyword Management allows for creating Sub-Keyword. Every individual company can make SUB-KEYWORD according to the need of school or college.

E.g. “GEMS RSLT”. Here “GEMS” is a keyword and “EVENT” is a sub-keyword. Sub-keyword can be anything, like Id no of Employee, Department, Client, Subscribers, Students, Product ID, etc. Multiple sub-keywords can be made under the same keyword. For Example Type GEMS EVENT and Send SMS to 31007 to get the information about the latest event of the school or college.

The calendar allows subscribers to set the specific MESSAGE on a specific DAY/DATE. In general, the reply message of the specific KEYWORD is generally replied back what-sever has been set to SMS INQUIRY, but if the KEYWORD is set with CALENDAR and that if the DATE matches, the reply message will be delivered what-so-ever has been set for a particular date.

Nevertheless, if a person who wants to find out specific information on a particular date, the user can type KEYWORDDATE and send SMS to 31007. E.G. KEYWORD June 07. Likewise, if the users want to find out any specific information on a specific day, the person should type KEYWORDDAY e.g. KEYWORDS. This will reply to the message stored for a specific DAY.

Keyword Family allows the individual companies to make more than one keyword with the same reply message.

PRE-Defined Messaging allows the school admin to set the specific MESSAGE on a specific date/day. Especially for reporting the absentees or meeting schedule or any special message for a particular concern person on a specific day/date. This message can be sent to certain groups of people at a glance.

Result Reporting allows you to set the result which can be viewed by your clients. In order to check the result of the student can type RESULT <SPACE> KEYWORD <SPACE> ID No. For Eg: RESULT GEMS 450.

Push Message:

Push messages are those messages which are sent by the company to their client. If the Company has to inform or alert its clients with the messages then Push Messages are implied. Research has shown that most text messages are read within five minutes of their receipt. So to make sure people read your message, Push Message is the best option.

There are various types of Push Messages that we have.

i. General Message: This type of massage is used to send any information, alert message, and the advertisement or to convey any message to the client.

iii. Message through Sender ID: Message will be sent with any identity text called sender Id. Every client has a separate sender Id for sending messages. A message of any length can be sent at a time. For Example, let’s say a Push message is sent by having the Sender ID “E-PRIMA”. When the client receives the message, he will know that the message he received was sent by “E-PRIMA”.

iv. Bulk Messages: If the same message has to send to a group of people, then the bulk message is used. The group of members is made and a specific name is given to the group. When the bulk messages need to send to any particular group, the required group is selected and the respective messages are sent. Eg: An invitation has to send for 100 people, a group is created comprising these people. Then a name is given to that group. When a bulk message is sent to that group, every member of that group will receive the same message instantly. We are very happy to provide bulk SMS Nepal to our valuable customers.

v. Selective Member Message: When the message has to send to only selective members out of the group members, then the selection of the required members has to be done. Then the message can be sent to the selective members. Eg: If there are 100 members in a group named by Parents, and if you need to send a message to only select 60 members, then it is possible with this service.

vi. Scheduled Message: The time for sending the message can be scheduled earlier. Once the time of sending the message has been set up the message is sent automatically. The bulk SMS Nepal is the best fit for big and small companies.

vii. Remote Access allows company Administrators to access databases remotely through their mobile especially when there is no internet or electricity.


  1. Change Message: CM<SPACE>Keyword<SPACE>Message. E.g. CM<SPACE>LRI<SPACE> Today school remains closed.
  2. Send SMS: 2.1 Sender ID (International Gateway): SI<SPACE>GROUPNAME<SPACE> MESSAGE. And Send SMS to 31007. E.g. SI<SPACE>BOARD<SPACE>Annual General Meeting is going to Held This Friday at 2 PM at our office premises. 2.2 General SMS: SM<SPACE>GroupName<SPACE>Message. And Send SMS to 31007. E.g. SM<SPACE>BOARD<SPACE>Annual General Meeting is going to Held This Friday at 2 PM at our office premises.
  3. Check Push SMS Balance: MB Send SMS to 31007. This attempt will display your balance of general gateway.
  4. Check Hits: CH sends to 31007 to view overall hitting or CH YYYY MM DD to view hitting reports.

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