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Custom SMS Application

Eprima develops different sms integrated application for our clients. Application which helps our client to maintain there alert, notification and reporting of there company info to there respective customer.

In past we have successfully develop application for our clients like Hyundai Nepal, Maruti Suzuki (chitwan) , Hpromise Nepal where there customer gets different information and notification regarding there payment status, servicing of vehicle, and offers automatically through sms system.

More Services

Our SMS API helps you create customer journeys conversations the context of your app.

We are leading short code SMS service provider in Nepal We deals in 31007 short code SMS nepal at best price.

SMS & Vote, with its easy implementation process and adjustable price per SMS, is everything you need to work out…

Our SMS API helps you create customer journeys through conversations—even within the context of your app.

Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones.